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07/15/2023, 9:25 PM
Hey everyone, I have a bot integrated with whatsApp that is using the Knowledge Agent, since there is a need to display a welcome message the first time the user initiates the conversation i have disabled the Agent to respond on start node. But if the user leaves the conversation and comes back later no welcome message is displayed and user may ask question right away. Since the Knowledge Agent does not respond on start and there is no user input card i can not get the question to the Knowledge agent so that it can generate a response . Is there any way around this? Currently i have an AI task to determine if the user input is a greeting or a question and if it is a greeting it greets back and uses user Input and the Knoledge Agent can catch it. But if it is a question i have to ask the user to repeat the question so that there is an actual user input that the Agent can catch.
Just an update I fond a solution so for anyone else that has this problem here it is: You should enable Answer on start node for the Knowledge agent but also enable Answer manually and then on the first node from the start have a check if it is first conversation if not then use the response from Knowledge agent