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a Courtesy of one of our amazing community members! 🤩 @straight-wolf-37371 **Original post here**: ⁠ "**Guide: Data Tables in Botpress** Hope this helps some people! I created a video showcasing the new Tables feature. The bot is able to answer questions without a Knowledge base using just the tables in addition to having Chat Gpt style memory using the summary agent. It covers: Entities Finding Records from Tables and giving them to ChatGPT How to do memory using summary agent How i'm searching the table I briefly show off at the end of the video but I hear there is a much better solution from botpress coming soon so don't worry if you don't understand that part. I'm not a content creator so excuse the quality 🙂"
The best @straight-wolf-37371 🔥 !
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I have so many questions about this setup. Would be great to have more resources/tutorials/patterns on this. So cool @straight-wolf-37371