Hello Abe. I ddi the followin. Created an integrat...
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Hello Abe. I ddi the followin. Created an integration sayHello and deployed it. It showed up to me on the integrations page of my workpace. Then I clicked install and chose the bot to install it. My bot is already published. Unfortunatly I cant see my sayHello action in my bot. I expected to see a card with that to be chosen... THis is my integration definition: export default new IntegrationDefinition({ name, version: '0.2.0', actions: { sayHello : { title: 'Say Hello', description: "Say Hello to a person's name", input: { schema: z.object({ name: z.string().describe("The name of a person's name to greet"), }), ui: { name: { title: 'Say Hello', examples: ['bob','jeff'], }, }, }, output: { schema: z.object({ greeting: z.string().describe("The greeting to send to the user") }), }, } }, channels: { channel: { messages: { ...messages.defaults }, }, }, })