Hello all, I had asked a couple of days ago how to...
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Hello all, I had asked a couple of days ago how to extract multiple variables from a single user message. I was shown the "extract from history" feature, and then also found the chain prompting explanation in the docpress. The problem I seem to be having is it can't extract the service performed and the total due. I tried to create a custom entity for Services but couldn't get that to work either. Here is what it is storing and where. Could anyone point me in the right direction? I'm guessing I could make a AI task to extract each variable, but seems counter intuitive, since it prints the confirmation message correctly, its getting the right infor, just not storing it correctly. Its kinda funny, I'm struggling with "no code" way more than any language i've learned, really just want to make some scripts, but I want to use the full power of AI if possible.