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@bitter-branch-40324 Thanks for the reply and video my temperature = 1.0 1) My confusion is from the fact that this prompt is perfectly works on OpenAI playground. It looks like a bug on the BotPress side 2) Providing examples in prompt is not a mistake. I always did it in this way when I work with OpenAI API. I just want to move my fields-extraction application to BotPress using same prompts but it absolutely not working 3) I dont have one example, in my real application i have 5 examples to ensure Task Executor understand it properly 4) IT DOES NOT WORK EVEN WITH YOUR SUGGESTION TO PLACE EXAMPLE TO THE EXAMPLE SECTION :-))) 5) With Model 2 it works but with Model 1 it does not work You can try it by your own task: """ Your task is to detect the language from the input, make a greeting in this language and reply with a JSON in a format: {"language", ..., "greeting": ...} Where: - language - detected language from the input text - greeting - the greeting in the detected language """ example: """ input: Привет output: {"language": "russian", "greeting": "Привет"} """