<@1116325356648013824> 1) sure 🙂 But it's still ...
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@bitter-branch-40324 1) sure 🙂 But it's still very confusing. Some mystery is here 🙂 2) I don't like this mystery. It makes me worry if another weird thing will appear on some client for 10 000 USD / month and I will be unable even just to check what was sent to OpenAI. I think I can just manually call OpenAI API 🙂 Do I have any timeouts for my JS code executions? Is there any limitations on what I can do with JS in BotPress. 3) Also, I would like to ask what is your guarantees on processing the message? Is there any chance < 0.001% that some message could be "lost" because you reboot-ed the worker or something like that? You have Fault Tolerance Distributed Super Duper Message processing, so message is 1000% guaranteed to be processed even if an asteroid fall down to one of Data-Center? 🙂