ill try it out again. i was trying to build 2 node...
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ill try it out again. i was trying to build 2 nodes. one for the knowledgebase answers and one for gpt answers. i want the gpt to have an exicute code that builds the chathistory. i also put in the ai task input the raw answer from the knowledge base if there is one. i have been seeing the raw knowledgebase show data in that long raw knowledge agent input. but the knowledge base will still sometimes show no answer when i am still getting a scrap from the web. the knowledgeAgent as even written me a full advertisment for kijiji when the Ai task should be doing that. i think i made myself super confused today trying to get this set up. i feel like after fighting i would get my proper out put passing the knowledge base and getting my Ai task answer, but sometimes both of them show a response. either the knowledgeAgent was using the same @aiResponse the Ai task is using, or i feel like the knowledgeAgent can answer sometimes with out a text response built in the flow. im just really confused right now and will keep working away to try and sort this out.