Skills Summary Go / DevOps/ Amazon Web Services /...
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Skills Summary Go / DevOps/ Amazon Web Services / Blockchain / NFT / Smart Contract / Rust JavaScript / TypeScript / Node / React / React Native / Vue / Angular / Next / Nest MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDB AppSync, GraphQL, S3, EC2, REST API Development, Docker, Microservices Architecture, Version control with Git, Issue tracking (Jira, Trello) CI/CD with Bitbucketx Unit & Integration Testing with Enzyme, Jest, etc. I am a full-stack engineer with 8 years of experience in multiple languages and frameworks. My passion is taking on complex business challenges and designing full-stack solutions. I have experience developing web applications using Go, Rust, Blockchain, React, Vue, Laravel/Express, Swift and Python/Django. Additionally, I have experience in Go/Echo/Gin and have deployed over 10 new projects using React, Laravel, and Go. Thuoughout my career, I've collebrated with startups across various industries, including Healthcare, Booking, Blockchain, Real Estate, FinTech, Music, E-commerce, more. Are you searching for a dedicated full-stack developer who is eager to learn and become an integral part of your team? Let's have a conversation! My previous Projects are: ➥ ➥ ➥ ➥ ➥