just when i think i have a good GPT set up in my b...
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just when i think i have a good GPT set up in my bot press it always starts looping and not being able to answer the next question. ive been trying to build chat History's different ways but it's always a challeng to pass the KB data into the Ai Task and get it to remember it's chat History context, reply to the most recent question {{event.preview}} and get it to understand that it can use the KB raw data while considering it's answer. ive been trying to build one hell of a loop to try and get personalized responses to each question using the chat History and KB as context. some times i get it working very well for like 3 - 6 messages and then it just start looping. repeating it self and not responding to the last user question {{event.preview}} and in the chat History. now when i start ChatGPT and have conversation, continue talking about what we started discussing, it always does a great job at remembering and continuing the conversation. what are we doing wrong in here? having a kb answer and new node with a Ai task for the GPT assistant fallback, doesn't work well if i inject the KB data. because it starts looping the KB result most of the time. some times i can get it to do what i want but then it has a hard time referencing the chat History. im trying to create the perfect loop. ill share it when im done because it will make everyones bot much stronger. i have seen a glimps of what im trying to acheive. but i havent gotten it to work past 6 or 7 messages before looping and making a mess of the convo