🚀 Sorting the AI Task Fields + Correct Field for ...
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Greetings, Botpress Friends 🖐️ I've embarked on a journey with Botpress and recently stumbled across some nuances which I thought would be worth sharing. Here's what I've learned: Correct Variable for Accessing the Knowledge Base Answer: The accurate variable for fetching the KB answer is turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer. The old formula {{event.kb.results.map((a) => a.dsFriendlyName + "\n" + a.content).join("\n\n")}}, as noted in this company video


, did not yield the desired outcome for me. Demystifying the AI Task Card: The 'AI Task Card' consists of four crucial fields for achieving the best results: AI Task Input: Enter the variable VALUE in this format: {{sourceVariable}}. Store Results in Variable Field: Just input the variable name as variableOutputName. Task Example: Upon clicking this label, two additional fields will be unveiled. Example Input: This is straightforward – insert a demo text which replicates what would be found in your {{sourceVariable}}. variableOutputName: Populate this with the expected demo text so the AI Task can glean insights from it. A word of caution: I initially found this layout quite puzzling. Especially as the 'AI Task Input' label conspicuously stood out, and there wasn’t a clear 'AI Task OUTPUT'. I ended up populating both the INPUT and OUTPUT within the first field, which surprisingly worked. However, I suspect this might not have been the developers' original intention. Bellow is a screenshot with the above discussed fields Happy coding! 🚀