Hello, I'm new here. Had a question. How can I co...
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Hello, I'm new here. Had a question. How can I complete an address in Botpress using Google API and then check whether the first two numbers of the zip code match our customer Radius or whether the zip code was not specified. Thanks!
Integrate Google Places API: First, ensure you have access to the Google Places API. You'll need to use this API to autocomplete addresses as users type them in. Set up the API in the Google Cloud Console and obtain an API key. Create a Custom Action in Botpress: You'll need to create a custom action in Botpress to call the Google Places API. This action will send a request to Google Places API with the partial address the user has provided and receive a list of address suggestions. Use the Autocomplete Feature: Implement the autocomplete feature in your Botpress chat interface. As the user starts typing an address, trigger the custom action to fetch suggestions from Google Places API and display them to the user. Capture the Full Address: Once the user selects an address from the suggestions, capture the full address. You may want to call the Google Places API again to get the complete details of the selected address, including the postal code. Check the Zip Code: Implement logic in your custom action to extract the first two numbers of the zip code from the complete address details. Compare these numbers against your predefined customer radius values to determine if the address falls within the desired radius. Handle No Zip Code Case: Add a condition to check if the zip code is missing from the address details. You can then handle this case accordingly, perhaps by prompting the user to provide their zip code manually or by informing them of the inability to verify their address without a zip code. Return the Result to the User:
Based on the zip code check, inform the user whether their address is within the service radius or not. If you require additional information or actions based on the user's location, guide them on the next steps. Here's a simplified example of what the code for calling the Google Places API might look like in a custom action (note: this is a conceptual example and may require adjustments to fit your specific Botpress setup and Google API usage): javascript Copy code async function callGooglePlacesAPI(userInput) { const apiKey = 'YOUR_GOOGLE_PLACES_API_KEY'; const url = `https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/autocomplete/json?input=${encodeURIComponent(userInput)}&key=${apiKey}`; // Use an HTTP client like axios to send the request const response = await axios.get(url); // Process the response to extract address suggestions // Remember to handle errors and edge cases, such as no results or API errors return response.data; } // Example function to check zip code prefix function checkZipCodePrefix(zipCode, customerRadiusPrefix) { return zipCode.startsWith(customerRadiusPrefix); } Remember, you'll need to handle API keys securely and manage API usage to stay within quota limits and avoid unnecessary costs. Also, ensure your bot's user interface provides a smooth experience for address input and selection.
This is extremely complex, I didn't know how to start, you can't get any further without programming knowledge.