Hey @everyone, I am developer from Nepal. Here in ...
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Hey @everyone, I am developer from Nepal. Here in Nepal, paying in dollar is not as easy as in other countries due to regulation. So i am planning to develop a platform like botpress cloud for Nepali market. I did research on it but not sure about exactly what it is offering. I see public repo is V12, and its UI is different than cloud platform offering, I am curious if Botpress cloud is open source or just underlying botpress main module is opensource, My main concern is Botpress Studio, V12 Studio is very different than Cloud studio, AI integration is also not avaiable in V12. So can you help me clarify this. Thank you.
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Hey @microscopic-keyboard-72451, the V12 and Cloud are indeed separate products. V12 is the open source version
The Cloud version has more features like KB and AI integration, as it's Botpress's core product that they offer.
But, with V12 however can be hosted on your own servers, which some people might prefer for security reasons.
Sorry, I hope that answered your questions!