Hello there! Does anyone know if it is possible to...
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Hello there! Does anyone know if it is possible to let NLU search in an API object response the same way it would search in a knowledge database table? Let me explain the workflow I need : - I ask the user who they are looking for - I make and API call to my server that returns the corresponding data object (a user from my database for instance) - I ask the user what they wanna know about the data object (the user email for instance) - I don't want to do custom logic, I'd like NLU to check for associations (for instance, if the user want the "email" property, I want NLU to understand it automatically and let it build a reponse back to the user without me having to code each case) I'm quite lost about how to do it without super complex code. I'll have many different api calls and so I don't wanna do custom logic each time. Is such a thing possible with botpress?