Quick question regarding the WhatsApp integration:...
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Quick question regarding the WhatsApp integration: Is it possible to send the user a welcome message, when he first opens the WhatsApp chat wight the chatbot? So he doesn't just see a blank conversation but can be encouraged to interact? I found this https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/channels/whatsapp/#starting-a-conversation-proactively but that's not quite it, since I'd need the number of the user to initiate a conversation. In Telegram chatbots you have this start button that you can respond to as a bot. Is there a similar mechanism in WhatsApp? edit: I'd prefer a code solution edit2: I found this https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/cloud-api/phone-numbers/conversational-components/?locale=en_US#:~:text=in%20WhatsApp%20Manager.-,Welcome%20Messages,-You%20can%20be and enabled it in my dashboard. So now when I open the chatbot with a new user in the botpress logs I see:
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[whatsapp] Handler received request from Whatsapp with payload: {"object":"whatsapp_business_account","entry":[{"id":"<REDACTED>","changes":[{"value":{"messaging_product":"whatsapp","metadata":{"display_phone_number":"<REDACTED>","phone_number_id":"<REDACTED>"},"contacts":[{"profile":{"name":"<REDACTED>"},"wa_id":"<REDACTED>"}],"messages":[{"from":"<REDACTED>","id":"wamid.<REDACTED>","timestamp":"1707932569","type":"request_welcome"}]},"field":"messages"}]}]}
14 Feb 2024, 18:42:50
[whatsapp] Unhandled message type: {"from":"<REDACTED>","id":"wamid.<REDACTED>","timestamp":"1707932569","type":"request_welcome"}
So at least know now, that it's theoretically possible, is it possible to handle the event via botpress?