Hey You need to add the trigger that triggers on W...
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Hey You need to add the trigger that triggers on Webhook event. This is where the conversation will start when the webhook received data, instead of following the regular path of beginning with the Start node. You can access the data from the request using the event.payload variable. I would start out by having an execute code card with console.log(event.payload) to see the structure of the object. For example if you make a request to https://your-webhook.url/?param1=hello&param2=world the query object will look like this: { param1: 'hello', param2: 'world' } Then you can access the param1 using this notation: event.payload.query.param1 Save the part of it that you want in a workflow variable. Lets say that you want to save 'hello' from the example above it would look like this: workflow.variableName = event.payload.query.param1 Connect the trigger to a node that has a Query Knowledge Bases card in it. In the Query Knowledge Bases card you would give it workflow.variableName in the query input. It will now query the KB with the data from your webhook. Use a text card with {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} in it to print out the answer. Here you want to make sure that you have manual answering enabled in the Knowledge agent. You can read more about webhooks here on Botpress' documentation. https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/channels/webhook/