Hello everyone! I'm working on integrating Botpres...
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Hello everyone! I'm working on integrating Botpress with Instagram DMs for a hotel client's chatbot, and I have several requirements I need help with. The bot needs to handle certain tasks like greeting the client using their Instagram handle, collecting contact info to send via email to an employee, providing phone numbers for specific restaurants, and more. The part I need help with is point: 1. responding to customer activity on Instagram Stories like comments asking for "price?” Our aim is to enable the bot to address these types of inquiries. However, I'm not clear on the current capabilities of Botpress concerning this or any potential workarounds that might exist. Can anyone share insights or suggestions on how to set up a Botpress chatbot to interact with Instagram Story comments? If direct interaction isn't possible due to API limitations, are there alternative approaches we could consider? Thank you in advance for your assistance!