TLDR; 🛠️ Learn the basics in the field you're usi...
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TLDR; 🛠️ Learn the basics in the field you're using AI, because no one is going to be an overnight sensation in any field with AI 💡 I've been asked many times if I'm afraid of AI taking my job (because I'm a programmer). I usually answer no, but I am afraid that employees who use AI will take jobs from employees who don't use AI (in any field). And if you just use AI but don't know the basics of the field you use AI in, that can be a problem too. Like many others, I think the most important skill to learn today is AI. But also learn the basics of the field you're using it in. For example, I build Linux servers for my day job, and I have five years of experience of how to do it without AI. Guess who gets the job done, someone who doesn't know Linux but uses AI to try to build Linux servers, or someone who has learned the basics of Linux and has experience building Linux servers without AI. The first employee asks ChatGPT to build Linux stuff, but doesn't really know what comes out. The second employee builds the first version herself/himself because they know already the basics and then asks ChatGPT to check for any bugs, give ideas to make it more efficient and help with debugging. An employee who doesn't have enough basic knowledge is at risk of losing his or her job even if they are using AI. On the other hand, the employee with enough basic knowledge of the field who uses AI will be many times more productive than before AI. As for losing our jobs, the world will always need senior level employees to manage junior level employees. The senior level employees will be those who have sufficient knowledge and experience in the field and who use AI. The junior level employees will be people who do not have enough knowledge in the field and who use AI, or that another kind of junior level employees who are robots and AI itself. In most cases, good senior level employees cannot be replaced, but all junior level employees can be replaced.