Hello, I would love some advise on the following: ...
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Hello, I would love some advise on the following: I really want to upskill myself to the point where I am able to build around botpress through custom code. I have experience coding in python and C++, but I don't really understand infrastructure and how everything fits in together in a tool like this (ie botpress with website with API's and other chats, and how one can integrate code into all this system to tailor it to their liking). I also am not very familiar with any languages outside of python and C++. Does anyone have any suggestions/resources with how I can educate myself from a fundemental level inn order to get to the point where I can play with botpress at a much higher, developer level? How can I get a deeper understanding of how all these pieces interact and work with each other, and what languages would you guys recommend studying to become proficient at editing website chatbots, api integrations, visual styling, ques and triggers etc etc? I would love some advise, and any potentisl resources you guys might have. Thank you:)