Hey guys, Can you help me set up a REMINDERS featu...
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Hey guys, Can you help me set up a REMINDERS feature for a chatbot? I have a Chatbot usecase for my online courses that I want to build out: 1 - I train an OpenAi Assistant and funnel it into a Botpress Chatbot 2 - I then add the Chatbot to Telegram so my users can interact with it as part of a course This is working so far, and is very exciting and useful BUT - IĀ“d like to install some basic features to really bring out itĀ“s potential: AN AUTOMATED REMINDERS FEATURE... The best way to get good is to do DAILY exercises This means the user chooses a time EVERYDAY that they get pinged by the bot to "do their exercises" This could be a push notification etc. My ideas so far: Use the Asana integration to make the user part of a project Use Make.com with Telegram to create another layer See can OpenAiĀ“s assistant functions tab help me What do you suggest?