Thanks <@798215271050641488> ! 1) So when the Ina...
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Thanks @wide-oyster-38514 ! 1) So when the Inactivity Timeout setting resets the "session" this also resets the "conversation.SummaryAgent.transcript" ? 2) the more i read the more my initial 99% is lowered.. here: there is a clear distinction between the two. Use case: somehow export the whole interaction (conversation / session) at the moment the Inactivity timeout hits and clears up everything. Through the API, listing all conversations is not advisable, so we need to store somewhere every conversation ID when it initiates (ok) and then call for that conversation to get the transcript (ok). Conversations reset when the "End" node is hit (ok) So the question is what happens to the conversation when the Timeout resets the "session" & the situation described in the Docs regarding the Hooks solution for getting the Transcript where: "The disadvantage of using Hooks is that it requires some work to set up and you only have access to the current session, so if the user is resuming a conversation, you won't have the previous messages in the history. To get the whole conversation at any moment, use the API method for exporting conversations".