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Hello #1121494527727902891 , I wanted to reach out on behalf of TelecomsXchange to express our interest in hiring a developer from the BOTPRESS Discord community to create a custom-looking bot for us. We have some specific requirements for this project, and we believe the community might have the talent we need. Here are the key details of what we're looking for in the developer: - Integration with Custom REST API: We will provide the details of our custom REST API, and the developer should be comfortable integrating it into the bot. - OpenAI API Integration: The bot should be capable of using the OpenAI API to rewrite responses, which is a crucial aspect of our project. - Hands-on Experience in Customizing Look and Feel: We need the developer to have experience in fully customizing the bot's look and feel to align with our specific needs. This includes designing a unique and user-friendly interface. If you or anyone in the BOTPRESS community has the skills and experience for this project, please feel free to reach out to me at (a.jamous@telecomsxchange.com)). We are eager to discuss the details further and potentially collaborate with the right developer. Thank you, and we look forward to connecting with the community to find the perfect fit for our project.