Hi, when I'm adding an event triggered by my integ...
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Hi, when I'm adding an event triggered by my integration, the logger starts to show this error:
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Error sending outgoing message {
  integration: 'twiliopoxal',
  messageType: 'text',
  payload: `{"type":"text","text":"Quando vorresti l'appuntamento?","typing":true}`,
  error: Ct [Error]: request/body must have required property 'conversationId'
      at Hr (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:64434)
      at _t (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:64256)
      at C (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:71471)
      at /var/task/customer_code.js:8:65810
      at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
      at async Object.flushSendMessages (/var/task/customer_code.js:474:9743)
      at async runDialogEngine (/var/task/customer_code.js:495:3636)
      at async startEventProcessing (/var/task/customer_code.js:495:3449)
      at async Object.onEvent (/var/task/customer_code.js:495:9302)
      at async handler (/var/task/customer_code.js:567:2748) {
    isApiError: true,
    code: 400,
    description: 'The request payload is invalid.',
    type: 'InvalidPayload',
    error: undefined,
    id: 'err_1697557325154xDA171A8D'
And no message reached the integration channel. Is anyone already facing the same problem? I'd followed the guide found


and https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1155887855009267783.