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Hello @acceptable-gold-88171 , @narrow-agent-91470 @lively-camera-84353 regarding the conversation we had during the last office hours on Globally listening for stuff and taking actions: chatgpt came back with three options - 1) hooks 2) global flow and 3) catch all node. Maybe one of these should be used.. Hooks i guess is the first solution but might add too much computational overhead as gpt advises (?) Then it got me thinking of how do you get flows with issues to "jump" to the Error flow without any connections? Is this done with a catch all node? How do we set this up? Last: is global flow as described by gpt as effective as it sounds? How would we set this up? GPT : "Another way is to create a global" flow that listens for these intents. In Botpress, the nodes in the main flow are processed before any other flows. By setting up nodes that listen for these global intents (like "Help" or "Cancel") in the main flow, you can ensure they're always detected and acted upon. If none of the global intents match, the processing moves to the appropriate workflow or sub-flow."