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@clean-xylophone-13519 It is possible - that is what a workflow is. It is quite static, though - I am experimenting with bots outside of a worfklow (sadly not doable with wordpress) that use a GAN style multi AI approach with one AI controlling the sequence of elements - but, being an AI and using both, a sequence checklist and a form definition, it is way more flexible than the "ask for email, get email" because if the user does NOT give the email, the AI is generally good enough to react to it, like a human. In wordpress that is missing - but also it is a lot more work, but it is more guided. So, really- you ask basics here - how to ask users for specifci information in a specific order is a demonstrated fact. Did you look at any example bot? Now, for 2: no, botpress is independent. Now, obviously, once the data is entered for a client into a CRM, then yes, your client can call them. There is no bot framework that I know of that easily has provisions for a human to "take over" - even worse partially becvause that would break the way back on any workflow definition. Btw., while I agree tutorials for other media would be nice - the reason yo usee them primarily for webchat is that (a) the channel is irrelevant for the inner working and (b) - that is the eaiesit for users to replicate ai it requires no infrastructure.