Additional context: So far we've seen tutorials t...
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Additional context: So far we've seen tutorials that focus on developing conversational flows with webchat in mind. It would be great to see tutorials created for things like Messenger, IG DMs, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack on the type of conversational flows we can design and what's currently possible with those channels. Also, to see them in action, what it looks like when they are being used. If there is anyone who has had experience creating bots and deploying to these channels, I'd love to hear your feedback. For example, the Messenger instructions on Botpress say you have to create a Messenger app and have it approved by Facebook. So, this will be different from the regular messenger app that already exists? I do see that you can use certain send-message cards in these types of apps. My goal is to understand how these channels actually work with a chatbot as most of the people in my space who are my ideal clients use these apps with their own clients and customers. * I need to know how to communicate the possibilities, limitations and processes involved.* There is a bit of a process to get these apps set up to be used with the bots and I do see that there are some tutorials in that respect. Thank you.