I have an idea of the types of conversational flow...
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I have an idea of the types of conversational flows I want to design for my clients and I'd love to know if they are possible using Botpress and Integrations, specifically Messenger and Instagram DMs. The idea is to have chatbots that are designed to answer questions from a KB with fallback responses in case there is no answer while ALSO having conversational flows where we set up intents or choices which qualify users and then guide them down certain paths depending on their selections. Side Note: I know we can do this for webchat but most of my ideal clients use Messenger and DMs for business. Let's say most people who reach out to a client of mine on these apps are usually asking about the same 3-5 things and my client has a conversational path they guide them down. This path includes asking qualifying questions and recommendations depending on their answers. For example, let's say a potential client/customer reaches out to them but this potential client/customer isn't at a stage where my client would work with them but my client still wants to offer them something whether it's a freebie or a lower ticket offer/service. I would be able to create this flow for them. So, because my client already has a set of questions they usually ask and they KNOW the path they want to guide people down based on their needs, having an AI assistant set up to do just this is perfect. The added bonus also includes a KB fallback and ways to reach out to my client if the answer isn't available. Qs: 1. If the above conversation is taking place on Instagram and the user requests to speak directly with my client, how would I set this up? I know the live human request is something Botpress is working on. My workaround would be to have the chat summary and user info sent via email to the client to notify them so they can reach out directly but is there a better way? 2. Could my client continue the conversation in the same IG DM chat without the chatbot getting involved?