Hi, I'm trying to send data from zapier into botpr...
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Hi, I'm trying to send data from zapier into botpress to cause a trigger. I'm using the BETA botpress + zapier integration. The trigger is occuring in zapier and the data is processing correctly there. There are no errors on the zapier side of things but the trigger within botpress is not working once an event is sent back from zapier. I checked the botpress logs and it says that the request/body must have required property 'conversationId'. The code is 400 and the description says 'the request payload is invalid' I was thinking of using code snippets and putting in the webhook url like that. I'm able to use this to send data from the bot into zapier but I'm not sure how to get the data from zapier into the bot again. Can somebody help me out with this please. Thanks so much!