The short answer to your question is yes. but th...
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The short answer to your question is yes. but this is how it works. i built the template for my brothers business to handle his towing company and vehicle leads. this started off as a fun project to get Ai to make me vehicle price estimates. so this GarretGPT has lots built into it from 2 privouse bots i spent extensive amounts of time to get working and learn how i can maximize my prompt engineering. so in short you will be able to load it and use it as is. or.... all you need to do is Add your website into the KB and also add another document into the KB. then look into the Ai Task instructions and only change where it says to [ your website ]. make sure the tables are connected how i have them set up. it has a table and a custom code that executes a Feedback-Loop from a table. so in theory this Template should be able to continue to learn as it gets used for a new business and it will provide you with some Huge HUGE value. i think it's a game changer and basically what everyone wants here. im obsessed with Ai and have been learning it and working with it since the first week it came out. So the short answer to your question is yes.