How to go back to menu when the user writes main o...
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Or you can just from the beginning create 2 expression card : One with workflow.input === 'main' || workflow.input ==='main menu' As for the second card you should create an always expression (placed after the first card)
Click on the expression card, and on the field where it is written true, go to the right, click on the stars and it should allow you to edit where it was written true
Can't test as of right now because the emulator and webchat don't work properly but I'm pretty sure it works
@white-art-67651 This might be better
It depends what your looking for your version had a yes or no choice after you said main but an expression take you str8 to the main menu also simpler
You can set it up however you like it
It just might be quicker and better for your money to only use expression cards instead of execute code card each time
Hey @glamorous-guitar-39983 ! thanks for sharing with the community 🙂