Personality agent and Ai Generative Text in Spanis...
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Hello everyone! Happy New Year! I've created another video, part of the series I'm doing for the Spanish-speaking community about Botpress. I don't want to share too many more here as I don't want to spam or interrupt the reading of more interesting or advanced tutorials. In this tutorial, I talk about setting up the personality agent and how to generate content by conversing with the bot. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Botpress and the Botpress community for the reception of some of the video tutorials I've made. Thank you for the support and comments! I will continue making these videos thanks to that support. 😃

Amazing work on that video and the others! I'm quite impressed by the quality of your videos and thumbnails, even though I can't understand the language. Keep up the amazing work and thanks a lot for engaging with the Spanish speaking community
thank you very much for your words @fresh-fireman-491 ! I try to do a good job and I always appreciate this kind of comments. 😃
It is very encouraging to find videos of this quality in Spanish. Thank you for sharing @dry-hamburger-7446 🙌🤖
thank you very much for your words @crooked-napkin-84450!
awesome !!!
we will have lots of tutorals in differant languages now
well, not now lol but in the future, if people do what you do !
Thanks for helping the Spanish community ❤️ !!!!! @dry-hamburger-7446
thanks for your comments @crooked-van-25152 and @jolly-policeman-82775 ! I am very happy for the response from the Spanish community.
Muy buenos tus videos, Joss. Explicas de manera muy didactica.
Muchas gracias @some-window-23683 🙂