Custom GPT Mega-Thread
# đź“–tutorials
Welcome to our Custom GPT Showcase! This thread is a community hub for sharing and discovering innovative custom GPT models. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, developer, or just curious, this is your platform to explore the diverse applications of custom GPTs. Share your favorite custom models, discuss their unique features, and learn how others are integrating these AI tools into various projects. 🚀 To contribute, post a link to the custom GPT you admire, along with a brief description of its functionality and how it enhances your work or hobby. Let's inspire and learn from each other in this AI adventure!
Botpress Wingman - Trained on botpress docs, github repo, discord tutorials.
System Prompt GPT - Create system prompts / open ai assistant & gpt instructions
Covert Any File - Convert any file format to any other file format.
Awesome thread!
The ones i created i cant share because the api's they are calling are expensive as doing your food shop (very expensive)
anyone know where to find a free api library?