Login System in 5 Easy Steps
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In this tutorial I will teach you how to create an authentication system for your users.


Ouc. I hope you are aware that in case that thing gets abused in any way and you end up in court, incompetence is not a valid way to avoid liability, and gross neglect means any legal defense breaks. NO PASSWORD EVER should be stored in clear text. There are known and documented ways to handle this since - 2 decades? And any authentication system that is not writte in ignorance of best practices uses that. You literally teach people how to be neglegient and HOPE that i.e. none of the people with access to this table sells the information, or that they do not leak. Had a discussion about that yesterday in a planning session and was using a similar approach as an example how to create a full legal liability.
That is a good point you're making. Perhaps in the future I will make a more secure version of this.
hey @bland-agent-12616, is there a way to guide the logged in user to a specific worklow?
a workflow that is somehow connected to the credentials the user used to log in with
Yes you can! Create your workflow and another 2 variables to store the credentials. Then go to the entry node and toggle them so that you can pass them from the main workflow.
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