Embed a Chatbot (That Talks First)
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Make sure to watch Gordy's video as you follow this tutorial:


> Embed your bot inside your webpage Pop-up chat widgets are great, but did you know you can embed your bot inside a container on your webpage? And you can do this without needing to write a single line of code! Check out the demo here, and the step-by-step below: https://jsfiddle.net/GordyNumberOne/rg6edy7w/ 1. Add a “Conversation Start” trigger to your bot so that it starts the conversation first 2. Publish your bot 3. Copy the iFrame code from https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/webchat-customization/bot-in-div/ into your website, inside the container where you want your bot to be. Be sure to change the
to match your bot! Attached to this tutorial is a sample image showing what the code and your webpage can look like. > Refresh your page, and the bot will appear and speak first!