Hi Sabrina, thanks for the welcome and the answer ...
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Hi Sabrina, thanks for the welcome and the answer ! I read somewhere that for the first 1000 interactions with the bot there is no charge, but after you start paying U$D 0,005 each. Is that correct?
Right now it is indeed $0.005 per (usd) per incoming message. The first 1k are free
There are different ways to price your clients.
A lot of people prefer to charge a set fee to build the bot for a client. (price depends on the use case, the client, the number of hours you'll need to build the bot, etc).
Then you could have the client pay the messages.
I would recommend building the bot on the client's workspace. This way, they can add you as a collaborator.
Thanks for your advice! It is very helpufl. I don't want to take up your time, but I'd like to ask you another question.
After the 1k, Botpress will charge my client per chat, no matter how many steps my chatbot have? (Something like Whatsapp fee?)
I understood that is $0,005 per node.
If I understood correctly the way Whatsapp charge is that you have to pay a Fixed fee per chat and then you have 24h to chat without any extras
Right now it's 0.005 per incoming message. But it will change in a couple of weeks with the new pricing.
We'll have a different pricing structure
I'm not sure how WhatsApp charges! So I can't really help here.
You might want to ask someone who's dealing with high volume on WhatsApp to see how this works for them!
Perfect! So if my chatbot have a 20-message conversation with someone it will charge $0,1 to my client account (After the 1k). ¿Is that correct?
And the last one, is there any information if the pricing structure will increase it's prize?
Sorry if I'm being repetitive, but our economy situation in Argentina is very fragile, and each dolar counts 😅
It will be a different pricing structure. I can’t give any info as to how it will change but it will still be very generous! 🙂 and won’t affect most people
Thanks for all the Answers Sabrina! ❤️
No problem! Happy to help 🤩