(One more, then I promise to stop 😂 These are als...
# 💼business-advice
(One more, then I promise to stop 😂 These are also answers to DMs from new members like @fresh-orange-70975 and others, since I don't write DMs so often) One way to ensure you have the necessary skills to start an AI business, besides your own ideas and projects, is to closely follow what other bot builders are creating and sharing here. If you aspire to be one of the next Botpress success stories, also learn how to build the projects others have shared in the #tutorials, #share-your-bots, and #help sections. For example, by quickly browsing the latest projects, you can find this group of bot builders: Guilhermy, AA, Decay, SimplyGreatBots, Remo, AbsorbingJet, Konnect, Bouzas, Ramon, Goose, Theo, jr_aulakh, Hriddho, SALUTme, click digital, BabySteppz, JoshZ, UnuAlex, woutvp, jorenwouters. If you are always willing to learn how to build everything they have also built, you are not only in the Top 1% of Botpress bot builders, but you might even become the best and most successfull one 🦸‍♂️ 🛠️ 🧎‍♂️ I have believed for many years that most money goes to where there is the most knowledge and skills, and now, in this AI era, I believe that even more.