I've been asked a few times whether there's any po...
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I've been asked a few times whether there's any point in learning to build chatbots and other AI projects for clients, considering AI will soon be so advanced that it can perform most tasks better than humans, and also so user-friendly that anyone can use it. I think a better question for us bot builders is: When will AI be so advanced and user-friendly that 'AI alone' is better than 'an experienced and skilled chatbot builder and AI project manager using AI'? In my opinion, the answer is: NEVER. Making money with AI might not be as straightforward as it used to be, and perhaps soon, being the only one who knows how to use AI in your workplace or social circle will become impossible. Maybe we need to acquire even more skills to be the top AI expert in our workplace and social group. As AI and AI tools continue to improve almost daily, we must also strive to get better almost daily. The best clients, those who utilize AI in the most [effective ways](


), will benefit the most from this, and they will always seek to have people on their payroll who know how to correctly use AI tools for their business. Therefore, if you or your team understands AI, has experience using and building with top AI tools like Botpress and also knows the business field you are targeting, you will be able to attract clients and secure AI-related jobs.