Hi guys I hope everyone doing well throughout thei...
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Hi guys I hope everyone doing well throughout their thrilling botpress journey 👋🏽! I’m looking for a botpress developer ! I will tell you all about that. But hey, first, let me explain a little about myself: I’m a former business développer and now have just finish my master degree in AI project manager (yaaay 🥳). I’m from Paris, 🇫🇷 and the Ai chatbot is way open (500k-1M ppl know more or less the solution : I’ve done my HW lol) And so, in order to enter the market properly with a top solid structure from the start I need my future Co-fonder! 🥁 For that position, some relevant details will be considered: - first your succès mindset - understand that revenu will come once our Chatbot is done - team play mindset : it will honestly be a thrilling journey as the market is appealing : everything has to be build in all Ai scope! - organized and milestones his work : we gunna work together so we both need reliable person from start. To fix some deadlines will be our motivation to scale our progression - more than a code or a non-coder person : I just need a strong entrepreneur mindset What will I do ?: - All the relentless sales work but with a smile ofc 😂 I have 4 years of experience so far: and cold - outreach is a morning breakfast for me and mostly conversion is the dinner part. So basically if you read that far, you may be interested ! And you should! But maybe you could ask yourself what next ? It’s one of some topic we will discuss if you believe in the project that I will humbly share with you through that itw! I don’t need resume or cover letter just share your previous work relevant to my job offer. If you don’t have some, it’s okay, make your way through that window (it will be considered). It’s a long time partnership according well with our both personal calendar. If you interested to start and grow a scalable and really profitable business make sure to drop your work on the mail below : Wesley.dosso@outlook.fr