Here's another business advice that I've learned f...
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Here's another business advice that I've learned from you all 💎 My client is a small, five-year-old blockchain firm. They are looking to venture into the AI field and explore how to best utilize AI in their blockchain projects. A chatbot that uses their documents (like 500 example Q&As from actual customer inquiries and responses from their emails and social media accounts, the White Paper of the project, and other relevant information they want their customers to know when asked through the chatbot) could be a great starting point. Having voice answers is an added bonus ⚡ I advised them that waiting 1-3 years and then suddenly attempting to overhaul their company and project to incorporate AI wouldn't be effective. The transition needs to happen gradually, over weeks or months, taking one step at a time. They should start with a customer chatbot, then perhaps move on to some automation (like using and Zapier). Maybe after a year, I could develop a chatbot for them that operates solely on voice commands (a speech-to-speech project), allowing customers to interact with the blockchain using only their voice. My ultimate goal with Botpress-related projects, and the reason two blockchain companies hired me five months ago, is to work on speech-to-speech AI projects connected to the blockchain. I mentioned this to Sabrina 🦸‍♀️ three months ago. I was thrilled to accept the job! The only problem was that I didn't have any idea of how to do most parts of it 😂 Now, thanks to this community, I do!