I'm not a businessman by any means, but I believe ...
# 💼business-advice
I'm not a businessman by any means, but I believe this can be considered business advice. This morning, I sent a text-to-speech demo project to a blockchain company, and they expressed interest in implementing it on their website as soon as possible. I explained that it could provide text and voice responses from their documents in 29 languages and is a secure application. I asked $5000 for the bot and $500 a month for maintenance. They negotiated down to $4000 and $400 monthly, which was fine by me. So, in the coming weeks (or months), a project like this will be featured on a Stellar blockchain company's website, which currently has 15k active users. To all you bot builders out there, consider exploring similar opportunities for your future projects. This is a company that knows me well and values my hard work; I believe they would have invested in any project I proposed. However, if you create your own text-to-speech demo and present it to potential clients, there could be significant demand and opportunities. I'm dedicated to ensuring this works with every Botpress chatbot if needed. And as always, think of these as 'poor man's solutions' for practice before official Botpress features are available. Here's the link, obviously, I sent them a different version, but I slightly modified this one for Botpress Discord members, just for laughs and giggles. Now the chatbot is a bit improved compared to before. The Knowledge Base is the Botpress website (web search, later it would be a knowledge base with Botpress sitemap), and I've only tested it in English. It summarizes the answers into one sentence so that it doesn't use up my ElevenLabs credits as quickly this time. It's just a simple test website, not yet optimized for mobile https://botpress-elevenlabs.netlify.app/ You can find the conversation about this project here: https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1199649804653965342 Happy debugging! 🦸‍♂️ 🛠️ 🫡