Hey Botpress Buddies! 🤖✨ I've been diving deep i...
# 💼business-advice
Hey Botpress Buddies! 🤖✨ I've been diving deep into the world of bot creation and, honestly, it's the thing. But, you know what would make it even more exhilarating? Turning this newfound passion into some cold, hard cash! 💰 I know about Fiverr and Toptal (just that they exist, so will be happy to hear about them more from you), and I'm curious if there are other platforms or avenues you guys might recommend for someone looking to monetize their bot-building skills. I'm all ears for any suggestions, experiences, or even a few words of wisdom on making the leap from bot-building for fun to making it a profitable venture. Thanks a ton for any advice or stories you can share.