Hey buddy, firstly well done with finding prospect...
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Hey buddy, firstly well done with finding prospects🙂 What Decay said is right, 5K conversations is a little bit broad. For example, each convo can have 5 messages or 30 messages. Will your workflow have intensive AI usage? Do you need to update it quite a bit during the month? How many hours will you work on it monthly? etc. To make it easier, you can provide an estimate range rather than jusst one figure. Explain to them that their cost will highly depend on the AI usage (which is also KB answering, personality agent etc.) and how many invocations (tasks) your bot will have. Hence their cost will vary each month most likely (which is normal) You can get a bit technical, guesstimate number of messages they will get and check how much AI your workflow uses. WIth that estimate, go to Botpress's pricing page and see their cost for mentioned operations. For your last point, there is no official intergation by Botpress for Shopify. I'm petty sure you can intergate them yourself with an API, but that is a bit more technical, so you would probably need to ask for a prefessional's help🙂