I think Theo and I have both faced this problem (w...
# 💼business-advice
I think Theo and I have both faced this problem (which happens rarely, thank God 🙏 but we have to be smarter): We build a bot and send it to someone who ordered it and promised to pay for the help, but after receiving the bot, they disappear. If they promised to pay you $200 (or $5000), but they already received the bot, sometimes after that they don't want to part with their hard-earned $200 (or $5000). Also, I have noticed the other thing Theo mentioned, in other projects. If I spend weeks or months building a project and sell it to someone who ordered it, the first client is happy to pay for my hard work. But when the next client comes and wants almost the same, if I tell them that you can have it tomorrow (because I have already done most of the hard work with the previous projects), they don't want to pay you so much because they think it was 'only a one-day job.' So we have to be smarter in those situations as well, maybe not delay the service too much but tell them how many hours of work this project requires from start to finish, and the client was just lucky that we started it many months ago already.