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Exchanging messages between two different integrations Use case - I want to have a telegram bot that answers user's queries and handsoff to a human agent if the bot is unable to answer the queries. The human agent should then be able to handle the subsequent interactions. What I have tried 1) Use the Telegram integration to connect to Botpress (Cloud) 2) Created a customer integration with the liveagent platform (Chatwoot in my case using API inbox) 3) In the flow, when the user wants to connect to a human agent, triggered the action to create a new conversation in Chatwoot with a transcript of the previous messages. 4) On the liveagent platform, now the human agent can see the previous discussions. The problem 1) I send a message back from the liveagent platform. I want this message to be sent to Telegram (essentially botpress should only work as a bridge). I am unable to do this, how should I go about implementing this? 2) Also, is there a way to explicity close a conversation on Botpress (I want to close the conversation when the liveagent marks the conversation as resolved.) Thanks for your help.