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My experience so far @fresh-fireman-491 @limited-twilight-34924 I've noticed when trying to build easier Text-To-Speech projects without the need to use external servers, that Botpress Image card doesn't work with every URL, for example, if the audio or image is stored in Google Sheets, Google Drive or Airtable. Not so many know how to, or want to, build or use external servers, and both Google Sheets and Airtable (storing data on sheets, tables, rows and columns) would have been super useful because everyone knows how to use Excel-like sheets and has automation for those. Using a URL from there is not working in Botpress even after giving all the permissions so that everyone can see and download it, and even though it works when building the same project to other places, like for example Slack. If someone solves that to work with Botpress also, it could be a 🔥 JACKPOT 🔥 So far for me, all images and audio URLs work if they are stored on some public HTTPS address or my own server. It didn't work on my server also using 'http', and I needed to buy a domain name, get certifications (not so easy to get a certification for server IP address only without a domain name), and then when my server is using 'https', every (data)URL from there storing audio or images works in Botpress.