i used AWS lambda functions to write API https req...
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i used AWS lambda functions to write API https requests to the new NHL API endpoints to get schedule team matchups for today with their team id. then i have another lambda function to fetch team stats for the current season. i call this data into botpress with a axios request and put the data together in botpress with custom execute code cards. i first fetch the teams in todays match ups. then the team stats in botpress. then i add the team stats for the todays team matchups. then i have a custom execute code card to show the difference in the match up team stats with who has the advantage for all stats using away or home as the indicator who has the advantage including the number difference in the stats comparason for the team with the advantage. then i have another custom execute code card to compare the main key stats in a matchup to see who has a stronger stats advantage. finally i use all the variables that these data are saved in and use that as the input data for my ai task. the ai task can see the team matchups, the team stats, the difference in the team stats, and a comparason on main key stats to see who has the advantage and also prints the percentage of the advantage with key stats. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1121494527727902891/1223046625203589181/Screenshot_20240328_180110_Chrome.jpg?ex=66186dee&is=6605f8ee&hm=a9c24d9f27a82fe965d908d3fb4500230ab73c56bd607eede5b713910e19f4ad& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1121494527727902891/1223046625534935092/Screenshot_20240328_180127_Chrome.jpg?ex=66186dee&is=6605f8ee&hm=4519c83f758be8fa392488529b4b71bca40fd09348ca3d76a2d2c3febf25020a& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1121494527727902891/1223046625811763290/Screenshot_20240328_180150_Chrome.jpg?ex=66186dee&is=6605f8ee&hm=3df8c79061e516842352f9092bacc47bc41bea03ce65fedb86c7711310f75be7& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1121494527727902891/1223046626151497811/Screenshot_20240328_180048_Chrome.jpg?ex=66186dee&is=6605f8ee&hm=6fd7e4d0e02e4b3b235b4f481e1ddbd84c14f2d0cc7ee08df9df43dc02645945&