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@brief-accountant-68119 Great job on this and your earlier messages related to this topic! 🇨🇦 🏒 💰 If you are considering a subscription service, in addition to the statistics you mentioned, here are some ideas to consider (most of these, if not all, you might already be aware of): Back-to-Back Games: If one team has also played the day before, but the other team has rested, this can affect how well the teams perform. This impact is even more significant if the rested team is the home team, and the team that had a game on the previous day is the away team. Long Away Tours: If the away team has been playing 3 or more away games, they start to get tired. Sometimes, during really long away tours, by the time it's the fifth away game in a row, the win percentage drops drastically. Motivation: For example, as the regular season nears its end, one team might be highly motivated to secure a playoff spot, while the other might already be out of the playoffs. This can create a significant advantage in motivation, especially if the team trying to secure the playoff spot is the home team, as teams usually have more motivation at home, if for no other reason than playing in front of their own fans. Injuries: If some key players are injured, this can significantly impact how the team performs (most of the teams' good statistics this season might be because of the players who now are missing the game). Rivalries: If the teams are arch-enemies, then maybe the home advantage isn't the same and injuries don't mean so much, because both teams are now extra motivated. The same effect can occur if they are not each other's old nemesis, but something happened the last time they met (like a big fight), or one team eliminated the other from the playoffs, and now they seek revenge.