I have not made any serious money with AI yet; I h...
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I have not made any serious money with AI yet; I have just started. But I have a good feeling about it. For those who are active in the Botpress Discord but don't know where to go to get clients, you can also try my strategy: Don't go anywhere! Just sit here, be busy building and sharing projects and helping others. When I was three months just helping other bot builders in the Help section (I called that my office) and was only just learning to build with Botpress, I got so many work requests, job offers, and co-founder deals that I needed to temporarily disable DMs to focus more on work. When I joined Botpress Discord, if I remember correctly, there were 1900 members; now it has grown tenfold to 19000 members. Imagine when there are 100k members. Many of those are bot builders like us, learning to build projects with AI tools like Botpress. But some can also be company owners, or headhunters for big tech companies, or YouTube millionaires looking for developers to help them stay successful YouTubers and influencers now that they realize they also need to use AI for that. You don't need to be the best AI bot builder/developer/programmer/web designer out there, but they are going to contact those community members who show that they are constantly working hard, are among the first ones to learn how to use new tools, and are proven to be good team members. If something is not working or you found (or think you found) a Botpress bug, maybe it's better not to say immediately, "This is a crappy platform, I'm out." That's not a sign of a team player, and no one is going to hire you from here. A better way to express the exact same thing and ask for solutions might be something along these lines: "This is the best platform ever and my favorite AI tool to build so far. If you can improve these important parts, it would be even better!"