We have so many good use cases, chatbots, and tuto...
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We have so many good use cases, chatbots, and tutorials here already using Botpress tables, API calls and Make.com / Google Sheets / Airtable together successfully. In my experience, and after a lot of practicing building with that, it's cheap, fast, reliable, and works really well for both simple and advanced use cases. Maybe it's not good for your use case, but in my opinion, it's not dumb at all because it has helped us solve so many things already. And normally, we just practice with workflows like that when something is not yet working in Botpress, so we are ready when it's a built-in feature. I like Botpress tables (adding new data, deleting, filtering, accessing) so much that I even want to add the use of KB tables to all my first three Botpress AI Agents chatbots which I'm currently building, even though they don't necessarily even need KB tables.