Our earlier projects were much simpler, and we nee...
# 💻developers
Our earlier projects were much simpler, and we needed to filter the data afterward easily, so having each data in its own searchable KB Table column made sense. This is a more advanced use case (even though, for example, Ramon also had some real clients who needed pretty advanced Airtable data). Maybe only the Botpress team and Bigtimetreat knows how to do this the best way, but here's one option. It takes all the data from the Axios call, extracts the name, and stores it in one column, and all the other data in the other column (only 2 columns, and many rows). It's fast, taking only a few seconds to update the data. Cheap also in Billed Tokens. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1121494527727902891/1227532403095109642/image.png?ex=6628bfa3&is=66164aa3&hm=4e2dd6a42246e87068732d713dd0066dbdf48dfa27a727f2de2f4c020a77a9e9&