I agree, Botpress is better than
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I agree, Botpress is better than voiceflow in many ways. But error troubleshooting Voiceflow takes the win.
Interesting. It would be great if you could provide any feedback for us to help us improve on this front. What specific things do you like about voiceflow that you miss in botpress? Thanks🙂
Hello, sorry. I was sleeping
User upload file
you can talk to the AI like a call
it can intergrate with a payment system
IT can have a full on conversation with the user example user: hello bot: hello, how are you doing today ? user: Im good thanks, and you ? bot: Im good thanks for asking, what can i assist you with for today ?
IF Botpress can do those things, you my friend have a multi-trillion dollor company.
Beucase nobody can possible beat you
Say goodbye to compition and say hello to winning 🤣
Hey. Thanks for taking the time to answer that. Really appreciate it 👍
Alright man